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Why Lyoness?

Your career prospects are endless with Lyoness. We are a growing company and are adding to our team around the world. With offices on all continents and positions including logistics, customer service, marketing, and more, there are new opportunities being created every day. At Lyoness, we believe that every member of the team is essential to our success.

Fulfill your potential with Lyoness

At Lyoness, we are committed to unlocking the full potential within our employees. Our team is our greatest asset, and we want to give them the tools necessary to succeed. By providing the right motivation and encouraging creativity, we’ve seen the results our team can achieve.
Top 5 reasons to work for Lyoness
  1. Exciting career opportunities with growth potential

  2. Ever-changing challenges in an internationally expanding company

  3. Cross-culture diversity inspires an environment of respect and appreciation

  4. Employee input and collaboration results in a sense of ownership

  5. Lyoness encourages team building and personal growth for all of our employees

With my colleagues there's a strong collaboration based on respect and professionalism. I can't find a better working environment.
My career at Lyoness is full of challenges and this is what I like.
Living is, living your dream or working towards making your dreams a reality. Dreams do come true but only if you really want them to.
We have among our employees also good friends. Our whole team meets regularly and we have a barbecue together.
To me it is like a big family as Lyoness is a worldwide company. I have the opportunity to work with people of different cultures.
My career at Lyoness has been amazing. I have been able to learn and develop at a very fast pace as the company grows.
I think that the team spirit is a winner way to work - two heads are better than one, and a good and pleasant atmosphere can be a source of motivation.
What impresses me is perseverance.