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At the core of every successful company, you find a team that provides motivation, ideas and clear goals for the future. We would like to introduce you to the dedicated individuals who continue to realize our vision for the worldwide Lyoness shopping community and our Child & Family and Greenfinity Foundations.
Hubert Freidl, CEO

Hubert Freidl

Where do you see your current biggest professional challenge?

This is very clear – it is setting up an international company with the different cultures, traditions and languages that entails and also taking into consideration the incredibly high pace at which the company is growing.

How would you describe the style of leadership you use to manage the global company?
For me the focus is clearly on people. Here I try to recognise the potential of the person I am dealing with so I can put him or her in the right position and thus make the most of this potential.

What do you appreciate in your employees?
Based on the foundation of trust, the decisive characteristics for me are motivation, loyalty and enthusiasm. 

Are there any experiences or events which have had a lasting influence on your life?
One experience which really had an impact on me was the very first Lyoness Child & Family Foundation project “Help for orphans – construction of two new orphanages” in Tanzania. This was the first time I noticed the differences in the world first-hand. For me personally the experiences and contact with the local people made me change my way of thinking.

Where are your roots?
I grew up in a down-to-earth environment in the small West Styrian town of Ligist. In this social sphere of a small village community and in my family I discovered the importance of values like determination, friendliness and solidarity. If we consider the change in values today in particular, it can be seen how important these characteristics are for a well-functioning company. 

Did you have a career aspiration when you were a child?
I knew at a very early stage that I wanted to work independently in my own company.

Please complete the sentence. I am impressed by …
… open, positive people who go through life purposefully.

Do you have a motto in life?
My motto is “never give up and always think positively”.

Marko Sedovnik, President of the Board

Marko Sedovnik

What, in your opinion, is the best management style?
Motivating yourself because you want to achieve your goals, no matter if in your professional or your private life. And one should always be open to learn something new.
What is the best managing advice which was given to you?
To be patient when responding to new challenges and to have an open mind when listening to your employees. Satisfied employees and good results are necessary to make a company  successful.
Where are your roots?
In the European Cultural Capital 2012, Maribor.
What profession did you aim for as a child?
I was born into a family running a family enterprise and so I have always wished to be a businessman. From an early age I could work at my parent’s company and grew accustomed to the way enterprises work. After being an independent businessman I got the chance to bring in new ideas and show potential and to work for a globally operating company.
How do you spend your spare time?
Doing sports is very important to me. Being a master and coach in self-defence I can pass on my knowledge and at the same time draw strength from it for my day-to-day-work. When it comes to outdoor-sports, I prefer skiing and motorcycling.
Your life-motto?
Speed instead of stagnation.