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Greenfinity Foundation

Greenfinity Website
Our future depends on a healthy and sustainable environment.  As a global entity, Lyoness feels a responsibility to help ensure this healthy environment for future generations.  To realize this dream, Lyoness founded the Greenfinity Foundation in 2011.  Created to promote sustainability, Greenfinity strives to promote renewable energies, aid and develop global climate protection projects as well as bring awareness to the public for long-term solutions.  
In 2012, Greenfinity began its first project in conjunction with the Graz University of Technology. Together, we will begin measuring the current ecological footprint of the Lyoness offices and events.  Using this information, Greenfinity will begin paving the way for a carbon-neutral Lyoness.  As part of this initiative, Greenfinity measured Lyoness Open 2012, the largest golf event in Austria and the first ever European Tour event to evaluate its environmental impact.

Apart from these internal improvements the Greenfinity Foundation implements several local, regional and international climate protection projects. We always focus on the environment. Because of this the Foundation invests in innovative climate protection projects and the development of new technologies in the area of renewable energies is being promoted. The Foundations goals are to reduce the negative influence which humans have on our environment by means of innovative climate protection projects and to sustainably protect the environment.


Projects: 22 projects worldwide
CO2 emissions saved*: 742.392 tons CO2
Footprint saved*: 103.730 km2

*since foundation

To learn more about the current projects and future plans of the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation, please visit their website for more information!