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Hubert Freidl

Heart, soul, and determination have been the driving forces behind the success of Lyoness. These traits all emanate from our founder, Hubert Freidl.  Born in Graz, Austria in 1972, at the age of 23 he was already an entrepreneur. Honing his business skills and learning the importance of hard work, this self-employed wholesale businessman worked for insurance and software development firms throughout Europe before launching the Lyoness shopping community.

Lyoness CEO Hubert Freidl
The Child & Family Foundation visited the Philippines to renovate the San Roque Elementary School.
The Child & Family Foundation restores a school with the support of Nelson Mandela & family.
The Lyoness Cashback Card provides benefits for members around the world.
Laying the foundation for the first official Lyoness school opened in August 2012 in Honduras.
“Lyoness is not only a terrific chance for all participants to find themselves in a unique situation, but it also inspires people. Members and loyalty merchants alike know how strong they are as a community, and together they can achieve great success.” Hubert Freidl