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The Lyoness Idea

The idea of creating Lyoness came to Hubert while standing at the cash desk of a furniture store. He asked the cashier what he would have to do to get a larger discount off his purchase. The answer: a larger purchase would mean a larger discount. Hubert came up with an idea: Maybe I can do this with my friends and acquaintances as well! How can we profit from these discounts together? And could these discounts also be applicable to other stores, even other branches, and be used by as many people as possible? Maybe there is a way to develop a business model that not only provides personal profits for those involved but also benefits those less fortunate..
The ambitious entrepreneur has a vision to establish the Cashback Card as the strongest benefit card worldwide. The idea: to create a shopping community which has such a strong buying power that every member receives money back with their purchases. His vision is embraced by a lot of people – nowadays Lyoness is enjoyed by members around the world!
Lyoness was founded in 2003. Since then the company has evolved into the Lyoness worldwide shopping community, the Child & Family Foundation, and Greenfinity Foundation!

The Lyoness Knot

‘Shop together. Benefit together.
Do good together.’

The Lyoness philosophy embodies our unique
business model that unites our members,
merchants, and community for the benefit of all.